Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm in HONDURAS!!! I'm not sure I actually believed that I would make it here, but I'm really glad I did. The two months leading up to my departure were full of surprises (military coup), uncertainties and potential delays...however, God used that time to teach me that I am only ever guaranteed today and to live fully each day that He's given me. I'm thankful for that was a good one.

I landed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on August 15th, 2009 around 9:30pm and was greeted with beautiful fireworks that I could see from the runway. That must have been God's special welcoming gift to me since I love fireworks and it immediatelky made me thankful to be in Honduras. Another special gift was letting me get through customs and immigration without any trouble! Praise Jesus!

I stepped off the plane and didn't even make it into the airport before my sandals were wet from humidity. San Pedro is very hot and humid, which is why I'm very thankful to be in Copan right now! I came here almost 2 weeks ago to study at a Spanish language school. This is a touristy town, known for its Mayan ruins. It has lots of hills and beautiful cobblestone streets. I've really enjoyed my time here. My Spanish professor and I have gotten along great, which makes class really fun and I've been able to spend the afternoons getting to know Copan. Yesterday, instead of meeting at the school I went another student and her professor to my professor's house in the mountains. We had class for the first hour or so and then we all cooked lunch together. After lunch I took a nap in her hammock and when I woke up she handed me fresh sugar cane from her yard. My professor has made it her goal to turn me into a true catracha (slang for a woman from Honduras). Haha, I don't think two weeks in Copan will do it... but I'm slowly learning the Honduran way.

Tomorrow after class I will take a bus back to San Pedro Sula with another girl who is here with me from the program. The plan is to meet up with some of our directors and then head to a farm outside of the city to see another project that MCC works with in Honduras. On Sunday I will head to Tegucigalpa, spend Monday getting acquainted in the city and on Tuesday I will arrive in Comunidad Linda Miller, my new home for the next year. I will meet Pastor Jeony (the director of the school Amor, Fe y Esperanza) and the other people associated with the school, as well as the family I will be living with. If you haven't had the opportunity to check out the website for the school please go to Also, you can watch a video illustrating the vision and work of the school at

It's raining really hard here. Luckily, the lights just came back on. The second night we were here the lights went out around 6pm, so we enjoyed a nice candlelit dinner, I finished my homework by the candlelight in my room and then when the candle burned out I went to bed...around 8pm! Life is different in Honduras, but so far I'm really enjoying it!


  1. Laura -

    I can sense your joy and enthusiasm in your writing. I am happy for you. School starts on Monday, the 31st. Several teachers asked about you during our in-service days. You are missed. God bless!