Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall break already??? sweet....

I would love to post some pictures for you to visualize my experiences here...unfortunately I don't have the cord I need to transfer photos from my camera to the computer and my backup plan of just putting the memory card in the computer failed. I guess those 7 in 1 media inputs accept everything but Olympus cards. No worries...I'm going to figure something out, but if you have any suggestions I could use some help!

Tuesday was Independence Day in Honduras (and all of Central America). However, the day was not celebrated in Honduras with the usual patriotism and parades. It seemed like many Hondurans didn't see a reason to celebrate this year in spite of the current political turmoil.

We did get a full week off for Independence Day though. This "break" came at a great time, because it allows me to look ahead a bit in the curriculum I'm teaching and start planning. I really am thankful for this position. I'm going to be a learning just as much as my students if not more and I'm sure that my busy schedule will make Christmas time come sooner (my parents and brother are coming to visit)!!

Since we had some extra time off I went to a beautiful lake called Lago de Yojoa for the weekend with two other families from the United States who work at the school. We had a great time! I had actually stopped at the same lake on the way from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa. This time however, we stayed in a hotel for two nights and were able to do more touristy things than just eat the delicious fried fish at a lakeside restaurant. We went for a boatride, went to see a beautiful waterfall, hung out by the pool which overlooks the magnficent lake with the mountaneous backdrop while listening to salsa music and watching people dance, and we went to a national park. On our way back to Tegus, Elise, her 2 year old son and I stopped at a really cool restaurant. The food was delicious, the servers were dressed up in traditional Honduran clothes, they had a toucan, rabbits and monkeys in cages outside, they sold scrumptious strawberries and I was even able to buy a bag of coconut granola!! So far granola with yogurt and honey has been my home sweet home treat. And the road from San Pedro to Tegus just happens to have several honey stands along the way! I've really been enjoying my "taste of home" snack :-) Bad news...Honduras has a shortage of really good dark chocolate. Good thing I haven't been too homesick yet!

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