Monday, September 21, 2009

The FUN continues...and Mel's back

This Saturday our church went on a trip to this cool place in the woods where there were a bunch of natural/man-made pools. I know that's an oxymoron but it's hard to describe. Since there are mountains everywhere in Honduras this place had a river/stream flowing down the mountain and each of the different levels of the mountain these cement pools were constructed, but each one flowed right into the other through mini waterfalls. And then there were even some picnic areas and grills at some of the pools so after 20 of the youth from the church got baptized in the pools we had a huge cookout and partied the rest of the day! It was lots of fun!

We had our first day back today after almost a week and a half of no classes. When I arrived at the school this morning I saw tons of students flooding out of my classroom. Haha, apparently there had been two mice in my classroom when the students showed up this morning. The girls were screaming and the boys were chasing the mice. I saw them go after one of the mice with a broom trying to kill it. I was standing outside with the girls when one of my students approached me holding the mouse by its tail. He had a huge grin on his face. Then one of the other boys wacked it out of his hand and about three boys leaped to catch it again. When the mouse excitement died down one of my students brought me a fruit called guayaba, which I think is guava in English. It's very tasty and I just chuckled because teachers in the U.S. typically receive apples from their students (at least back in the day) and I get guayabas from my students in Honduras!

So apparently Mel Zelaya (Hondura's president who was kicked out back in June) is back in Honduras. There were rumors flying this morning that somehow he got back into Tegucigalpa, so I was advised not to go into the city to avoid any potential trouble. Zelaya's supporters were rallying and no one knew what to expect. It was confirmed in the afternoon that Mel indeed had somehow gotten back into the country and was being protected in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa. Mid-afternoon all the news channels that were covering Zelaya's return were turned off by the government. Micheletti also issued a national curfew starting at 4pm until 7am tomorrow morning, but I just heard that it has been extended until tomorrow night at 6pm. This evening the mom of the family I'm living with brought me a candle and some matches to my room just in case the power got shut off. Back in June when the coup happened the electricity was shut off for awhile (I don't remember how long exactly, almost 24 hours maybe).

Needless to say, tomorrow we don't have school. That's why I'm up so late writing this blog. It's 11pm here and I'm almost always in bed by 9:30. It's crazy, but I get tired here so early and if I didn't have anything to do I could probably go to bed at 8:30 every night. The sun goes down at about 6pm every day in Honduras. I thought that would be really hard to get used to since I hate winters in PA, but so far it's been fine. The sun comes up at about 5:30am so it's much easier to get up early and since I enjoy the morning it works out just fine. I do sometimes feel totally lame though when I'm ready for bed at 8pm...zzzzz

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